Individual Life Insurance


Las Vegas residents looking to obtain life insurance in order to protect their family and assets in the event of their death appreciate the wide range of life insurance products which we have to offer.

EBS, Inc. has many options available in the area of Individual Life Insurance. An individual’s needs regarding life insurance, and the budget available for those premiums, can vary during a person’s lifetime. The policy recommended for a young newlywed may be quite different from the policy we would recommend for the primary provider of a growing family . We can help you sort through the different types of policies and premiums to select the right type of insurance and the appropriate amount of coverage to meet your family’s needs.

When they know that they have the appropriate amount of coverage through Individual Life Insurance, Las Vegas families can feel secure about the future, even in the most devastating of circumstances.

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Term Life Insurance

When considering the purchase of Individual Life Insurance, Las Vegas residents will find that term insurance can provide a significant amount of coverage for them at a very minimal cost. Term insurance provides a simple death benefit policy without any additional cash value. For the individual who truly can’t afford the higher premium of a more permanent life insurance policy, term insurance provides the security they need to protect their family from financial losses in the event of their death.

Permanent Life Insurance

There are a few different variations of permanent Individual Life Insurance. Las Vegas residents who want to provide their families with a life insurance policy that is also an investment vehicle for the future are more likely to consider a permanent life insurance policy. These life insurance products include a cash value component in addition to the standard death benefit. Premiums for this type of life insurance benefit will be higher than most term life policies, but the policies may also provide the option of borrowing against the cash value, if need be, a benefit that would not be available with a term policy.

For more information on your options for Individual Life Insurance in Las Vegas, contact our life insurance specialists at Employee Benefit Solutions, Inc. We would be happy to help you select a life insurance product that best suits your current position in life. Give us call!

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